Naturopathica: The Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel

IMG_6557.JPGThe Naturopathica Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel has become an essential part of my skincare routine✨🌻This mask is amazing for clarifying+softening+nourishing and rebalancing for a clear and radiant complexion. It smells like a pumpkin pie and works wonderfully for mostly all skin types! My skin is normal to dry and sensitive and it’s a great match. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin E and contains phytochemicals and mild Retinoic Acid derived from Vitamin A- great for a mild exfoliation. This mask also contains 15% lactic acid to help with brightening, firming, and cellular turnover. Visit me on Monday’s @naturopathica Chelsea for complimentary mini facials and skin consults!


Natural Haircare with RAHUA

Rahua is an amazing natural + clean haircare line that is infused with the power of Rahua oil- a magical and traditional beauty oil used by women of the Amazon rainforest✨💚 I use the shampoo and conditioner for clean hair that is smooth and shiny. The shampoo also contains Palo Santo oil, aloe, and rosemary✨ it smells fresh like taking a shower in the rainforest🌿 @rahuabeauty Shop Rahua at @beauteabar💖

Beautifying Rose Water🌷

IMG_5648Rose water is an essential. It’s been used for centuries. It’s soothing, anti inflammatory, hydrating and it’s aroma is pure bliss. Rosewater is created by distilling rose petals with steam. I’ve been using this one by Heritage Store which in bought at wholefoods.


RMS ‘bloom’

Best (organic) gloss✨is the RMS Lip Shine in ‘bloom’ ✨💗 its creamy, glossy, hydrating, natural looking, non-sticky + non-toxic. Shop RMS @beauteabar 🌻 @rmsbeauty
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RMS Beauty

Antonym Baked Blush in Rose


This is one of my top picks for a natural powder blush. Antonym is a organic/eco friendly cosmetic line. I LOVE the bamboo wood compact. This is a beautiful shade of peachy/pink with a bronze tint. 

PrettyFolk’s Juice

imageOrganic Kale + Parsley + Apple + Celery + Cucumber. Juicing is an excellent way to get a boost of essential vitamins and minerals internally and improve your immune system while also flushing out toxins. You will notice that juicing will improve your skin by clearing and preventing breakouts, fight free radicals, improve hydration, luminosity, and strengthening elasticity. Get your juicing on! 

Favorite GRESSA picks

image.jpgHow gorgeous are these shades by Gressa? Gressa is a 100% Organic/Vegan/GF natural cosmetics and skincare brand. I have had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Gressa, Svetlana- she is so pretty and talented. I loved watching her apply make up on people. Bronce and Aureo are my favorite eye tints that look beautiful paired together for a sexy/natural light smokey eye. You can make this look dramatic or light. They are velvety smooth, shimmery and buildable! BARE is a creamy lip boost with a buttery consistency- a perfect nude pink. Not to mention, the lip boosts are super moisturizing for your lips! Gressa also makes an incredible liquid foundation that gives you air brush finish results.

You can find these picks and all other Gressa Products @ http://www.BeauTeaBar.com

Natural Makeup Look

image.jpgCheck out my natural make up look using natural make up products. I don’t like make up that looks over done and heavy… Eek! Not flattering on anyone. It’s best to enhance our skin and features with some simple techniques and natural products. This look is easy simple and pretty for day time.

Skin prep serum: RMS Beauty Oil

Foundation and under eye Concelear: RMS un-cover up #00 and #11

Cheeks: RMS Lip2Cheek in Promise + Beauty Oil for that dewy glow

Eyes: RMS Eye Polish in Lunar + RMS Volumizing Mascara

Lips: Gress Lip Boost in Bare

Maya Chia: The SUPER Blend

image.jpgThis product definitely gets the PrettyFolk stamp! The Super blend by Maya Chia is a  fabulous product ESPECIALLY for dry, dull or parched skin. It smells incredibly fresh. This is a highly concentrated pressed serum moisturizer that gets it gorgeous orange color from a sea algae called Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a highly potent source of antioxidants. It is 65x stronger than Vitamin C and 14x stronger than Vitamin E in combating free radicals. This product is formulated to re hydrate, deeply moisturize, revitalize, restore firmness and resiliency, and overall brighten your skin. Maya Chia uses supercritical chia seed oil in ALL of their products. Supercritical chia oil is clinically proven to increase skin hydration and improve skin barrier function. The Super Blend also contains CoQ10, Sweet White Lupin, and Vitamin C Ester. I used this product throughout the Fall and Winter seasons when my skin needed extra moisture. However, you can use this throughout all season depending on your skin type and needs. I also want to mention that it lasts a very long time because a small dime size with some water (for slip) will apply all over the face and neck.

Shop Maya Chia products @ http://www.BeauTeaBar.com

Maya Chia Illuminating Serum: After Hours

imageimageLoving the new absolutely GORGEOUS Maya Chia illuminating face serum in After Hours.

This liquid face serum is perfect for a natural g o d d e s s-bronzed GLOW. It’s made with supercritical chia seed oil (a staple ingredient in ALL of the Maya Chia products), broccoli seed oil, and more nutrient rich botanicals to provide nourishment for your skin. This is a perfect bronze highlighter for summer.

Shop Maya Chia @ http://www.BeauTeaBar.com

Beauty Chef: Hydration Boost Elixir

imageWe welcome a new FABULOUS brand to the BeauTeaBar…TheBeauty Chef!

The Beauty Chef is a natural line of wellness products for inner and outer beauty and health. This includes bio-fermented beauty foods from liquid elixirs to cleanse powders to topical skin serums. The Beauty Chef believes that “beauty begins with a healthy digestive system”- that means your gut health! The Hydration Boost is a liquid elixir that you can add to water for a delicious + refreshing hydra beauty drink. It is made with essential good bacteria, coconut water, aloe vera, and lemon myrtle. Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes and Aloe Vera is packed with botanical minerals + vitamins. Optimum Hydration is a must to achieve radiant, dewy, glowy skin from the inside out!

You can check out the entire Beauty Chef Line at http://www.BeauTeaBar.com


Habit polish in ‘Nymph’

imageHow gorgeous is this shade of pink by Habit cosmetics?

A sheer petal pink with shimmer for a pretty natural fairy look! Habit polishes are FREE of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate and Camphor- highly toxic. Vegan + Creulty Free. Shop more colors @ BeauTeaBar

KYPRIS: Heliotropic SPF Sunscreen and Primer

image.jpgThis is literally the BEST natural SPF product I have ever used and I have tried quite a lot. SO many conventional SPF products (examples: Neutrogena and Banana Boat) are loaded with toxic crap like Oxybenzone and other confusing names I can’t begin to spell. What you need to look for in an SPF is simple: Natural Zinc. Stay away from the toxic synthetic SPF brands- they are crappy for you skin and overall health. There are plenty of natural SPF products you can use and this is one of the BEST by far. The KYPRIS Heliotropic SPF 30 is a day time primer and moisturizer for the face. It is a multifunctional, translucent spf with rich botanicals to nourish and protect. Zinc Oxide (20%) is the active ingredient in this product that will give you the sun protection you need. The formula also contains Sweet Iris Stem Cells to enhance the skin to appear more plump, smooth, and luminous. Tamamu Oil for a beautiful glow, Probitocis for super hydration, Sunflower to deliver fatty acids and beta carotene, Sea Algae and MORE. It is a lightweight formula, you will only need a dime size with some water (for slip). I apply it after my serums and before make up. I use it all over my face and neck. It looks white in the pot but when applied it becomes sheer! Not sticky, heavy, or greasy. Your skin will feel fresh and look glowy. It’s a bit pricey but you get a lot of product and a little goes a long way. Great for sensitive skin!!! This product should not make you breakout.


Shop Kypris @ http://www.BeauTeaBar.com